Shark Fishing on the Ebony May | Saundersfoot

Shark Fishing on the Ebony May
Written by Craig Owen

Team Anglers Corner were delighted when we booked our regular fishing trip out on the Ebony May a few months ago, but as the date for our trip approached Stuart (Skipper of the Ebony May) came into Anglers Corner and informed us that the weather was looking really good and that we may have a chance to go for the sharks if it stayed that way. As the date approached it seemed luck was on our side, the weather was set to be great so after a short discussion we decided lets go for the sharks!

Start of the day!

We got down to Saundersfoot for 8am and we were on the water by quarter past, Stuart was right the conditions were beautiful! With flat seas and very little wind we began the 2 hour spin to the mark out in the Celtic Deeps.

Setting sail on the Ebony May
Setting sail on the Ebony May

It really was a beautiful trip out with plenty of Dolphins accompanying us along the way. There was plenty of the “are we there yet?” as the excitement built during the long spin out. We took it in turns to prepare the chum as more mackerel and other ingredients were added to the bucket.

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