Cape Verde shark fishing

Cape Verde shark fishing
Written by Craig Owen

Cape Verde

It was a special birthday coming up for the wife and she’d decided she’d like to go back to Cape Verde for her birthday. After going to Boa Vista for our honeymoon and catching small sharks on spinning gear, I was more than up for returning, but this time with some heavier gear.

This time we booked to go to the main island of Sal, the hotel was a bit more kid friendly to keep my 10 year old happy.

As soon as we booked I set about choosing what gear to take.

Decisions, decisions!

I decided on the Tronixpro Xenon Travel 12’6″ 3-6oz with a Penn Battle II 8000LL LC and a Shakespeare Agility 2 Exp Beach 11ft 6in Travel Rod with a Penn Spinfisher 6500 LL for my boy.

I also packed some spinning gear with the Nomura travel spinning rod and a Penn Battle II 4000 being my option.

Arrival day

On arrival the country’s motto of “No Stress” really did kick in, so we chilled out for the first few days and did the family stuff along with an island tour. We also did a trip where we got to walk out onto a reef where juvenile Lemon Sharks hang out and swim amongst your feet. I did see some good 2 meter shark about 10m further out!

Sharks in the clear waters of Cape Verde
Sharks in the clear waters of Cape Verde
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Shark Fishing on the Ebony May | Saundersfoot

Shark Fishing on the Ebony May
Written by Craig Owen

Team Anglers Corner were delighted when we booked our regular fishing trip out on the Ebony May a few months ago, but as the date for our trip approached Stuart (Skipper of the Ebony May) came into Anglers Corner and informed us that the weather was looking really good and that we may have a chance to go for the sharks if it stayed that way. As the date approached it seemed luck was on our side, the weather was set to be great so after a short discussion we decided lets go for the sharks!

Start of the day!

We got down to Saundersfoot for 8am and we were on the water by quarter past, Stuart was right the conditions were beautiful! With flat seas and very little wind we began the 2 hour spin to the mark out in the Celtic Deeps.

Setting sail on the Ebony May
Setting sail on the Ebony May

It really was a beautiful trip out with plenty of Dolphins accompanying us along the way. There was plenty of the “are we there yet?” as the excitement built during the long spin out. We took it in turns to prepare the chum as more mackerel and other ingredients were added to the bucket.

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A Welshman Fishing in Morocco

Making myself at home

Fishing in Morocco – Have you ever thought about going to Morocco for the fishing experience of a lifetime, then please read on as I write about my experience. Maybe it will help you decide whether to finally make that booking!

My Fishing in Morocco experience

18 months ago I wanted to do something different, fish somewhere out of the norm and to a destination that I hadn’t visited before. My partner Katy had never been on a fishing trip with me in the past but this time she was going to come, so when I looked at Morocco it seemed perfect. We could fly to the lovely city of Marrakech, spend a couple of nights there in one of it’s beautiful riad’s, then travel to the Atlas Mountains to Lake (BEO) Bin El Ouidane, home of black bass, zander and what would be my target species African Carp with a lake record of over 70 lb.

Amazing first view of the lake

After doing the tourist things and city sight seeing in Marrakech the time had come for our driver to pick us up to travel to the lake, a few hours later we drove over a brow and I got a first glance of her, and she is massive, to be exact over 15,000 acres at it’s fullest.

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A day at Paper Mill Trout Fishery

Last Saturday I fished with my local fly fishing club (Llangennech Angling) at Paper Mill Trout Fishery in Fforest-fach, Swansea for the club’s last competition of the year. With temperatures plummeting to near freezing over night the water is getting a lot colder, this makes trout fight a lot harder and this weekend was no exception. Paper Mill offered some of the hardest fighting trout I’ve caught in a long time!

Be sure to check out Lewis’s video at the end of this post!

Picture courtesy of Paper Mill Trout Fishery

We started fishing around 8.45 AM, my starting setup was an Airflo Fast intermediate fly line, approx 16ft of Airlfo G5 Fluorocarbon and a black snake fly on the end. Within my first three casts I had two pulls and a nice fish follow right to the bank, I knew by now I had the correct setup and that the fish were in the area. Ten minutes later I had my first fish on the bank, a fin perfect Rainbow trout (approx 3lb) which took the black snake half way through the retrieve. This time of year I find it’s crucial to keep varying your retrieve until you find which speed the fish are willing to take your fly at. Around twenty minutes later I had another fin perfect rainbow on the bank which gave a great fight and took me around ten minutes to land. After I had landed this fish it was time to move peg, as we rotate around every forty minutes to give all the anglers a chance to get on the fish.

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