Customer Catch Reports

Today we have a couple of Catch Reports for you. We start with our customer Anthony, who reported back to us after going fishing in Bosherton Lily Ponds. Here is what happened:
After a slow start, he noticed the pike had become more and more active as the light levels rose. The pike began to bully silvers, showing themselves a lot in the process. Mackerel, Blues & Sprats were all on the menu as Anthony presented them on Fox Rage Pre Tied Size 6 Twin Treble rigs. Supported by a 25g Stubby Slider.
Long & lean
Despite being Anthony’s first visit to Bosherton Lily Ponds, it was one to remember. Anthony caught three and dropped a few along the way!
Well done Anthony!
On the carp front, Jack and Nathan had a 48 hour session together on ‘The Fendrod’ in Swansea. Jack caught two fish, the largest being 19lb. He fished using little PVA bags on three rods which were all close together on one spot. Jack chose to keep it simple, fishing with rigs made from 20lb N-trap, size 6 Kamakura wide gapes and 12mm salty squid wafters.
Nathan managed to catch one of the lakes bigger residents at 30lb 8oz. He chose to spread his rods out more and use cell boilies straight from the bag, using blow back rigs with little PVA bagsBoth Jack & Nathan went out using the Kamakura hooks from Korda .
Unfortunately for Nathan, the carp known as “Slate Grey” managed to escape from the sling. Meaning the prize shots could not be made, those big girls like getting away.

Well done boys!

Remember, if you would like us to report your latest catch Let us know!

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