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Shark Fishing on the Ebony May
Written by Craig Owen

Team Anglers Corner were delighted when we booked our regular fishing trip out on the Ebony May a few months ago, but as the date for our trip approached Stuart (Skipper of the Ebony May) came into Anglers Corner and informed us that the weather was looking really good and that we may have a chance to go for the sharks if it stayed that way. As the date approached it seemed luck was on our side, the weather was set to be great so after a short discussion we decided lets go for the sharks!

Start of the day!

We got down to Saundersfoot for 8am and we were on the water by quarter past, Stuart was right the conditions were beautiful! With flat seas and very little wind we began the 2 hour spin to the mark out in the Celtic Deeps.

Setting sail on the Ebony May
Setting sail on the Ebony May

It really was a beautiful trip out with plenty of Dolphins accompanying us along the way. There was plenty of the “are we there yet?” as the excitement built during the long spin out. We took it in turns to prepare the chum as more mackerel and other ingredients were added to the bucket.

Who goes first?

My luck of the draw, number 2.
My luck of the draw, number 2.

Nearing the mark we decided to pull numbers out of a hat to decide on who was going first. First to go was Anglers Corner staff member Lewis who had the unluckiest draw of number 6. Next up was staff member Clayton who did just as bad with 5. Our bait digger Mark went third and drew the golden piece drawing out number 1. I followed with number 2, Dan with 3 and Paul with 4.

Once at the mark the chum bags were quickly put out and the floats baits soon followed. So the waiting game commenced!

The incredibly still waters before moving.
The incredibly still waters before moving.

Indeed the weather was great but it actually turned out too good in fact, we weren’t drifting as much as Stu would have liked so our chum trail was not traveling. We tried the first spot for a couple of hours with plenty of small whiting, gurnard and spur dog  coming to the boat but the sharks were just not showing! Going against what he should Stu decided to leave our chum trail and try another spot he thought where the shark may be.

Shark Fishing Aboard Ebony May Saundersfoot – Video 1

Here come the sharks!

Mark with the first shark of the day!
Mark with the first shark of the day!

A quick two mile spin and we were back fishing again, hoping that the shark would finally show. We didn’t have to wait long, within about 15 minutes the ratchet screamed as the first shark was hooked! All our normal fishing rods were quickly reeled in, well as fast as we could reel in a 12oz lead from 100 meters! With a good fight the first shark was at the boat.

Me with the second shark of the day!
Me with the second shark of the day!

I was up next! The anticipation and wait was murder! Pacing the boat, sitting down, standing up, just waiting for the clicks of the ratchet, I really didn’t know what to do with myself. But it wasn’t too long before the ratchet started to sing as the second shark of the day was hooked. Using a 30-50lb class rod and a Shimano TLD these fish put up a fight! When they want to go they go and there is not much you can do about it.

Shark Fishing Aboard Ebony May Saundersfoot – Video 2

Next up was Dan (left) who gladly joined the trip after we put out a Facebook post looking for interested anglers.

Paul the plumber was next (right). I think his smile says it all!

Finally the rest of Team Anglers corner were up. Clayton had this lovely one (left).

And finally number 6 Lewis was up (right). His long wait was over and now all six of us had hooked a landed a shark.

Saving the best for last!

As there were sharks showing interest in our baits and floats! We decide to stay a little longer and try for some more and what followed was something that we’ll all remember!

There were a few sharks showing but one in particular came right next to the boat, it was checking out the chum bags for ten minutes but we just couldn’t get it to take a bait.

The mackerel was changed for a fresh whiting and finally it took the bait! As it was so close to the boat it didn’t know it was hooked at first, luckily as the line had got tangled around the prop! The brush came out and we managed to free the line only for the line to get wrapped around the brush! We freed that quite easily and the shark came to the side of the boat with very little fight, then it realised something wasn’t right and steamed off. It was a hairy battle then knowing the line was damaged but the Sakuma line held its own and we managed to finally land the biggest shark or the day.

Saving the best for last, the last catch was the biggest shark of the day!
Watch those teeth Stuart!
Shark Fishing Aboard Ebony May Saundersfoot – Video 3
The beautiful sunset for the journey back to land.

That finished off a brilliant day on the Ebony May that everyone really enjoyed.
So much so that we’ve already booked a trip out for next summer!

If you’d like to book a trip out the Ebony May with Stu you can find him here:

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